Corporate Social Responsibility

Continuing our CSR journey

Colt has taken great strides in 2012 to achieve the long term goals and targets we set for ourselves and our CSR agenda.

Colt's Corporate Social Responsibility programme, CSR Matters continues to be driven by the CSR Steering Group, and remains structured around four pillars: our environment; our customers and suppliers; our people; and our community. This is further divided into seven work streams, each headed up by a Colt representative, who together form the CSR Steering Group. Colt's CEO, Rakesh Bhasin, had executive responsibility for CSR in 2012, with Richard Oosterom, EVP of Business Development and Strategy, taking over as executive sponsor for 2013.

The CSR Steering Group meets regularly and monitors not only the progress of each individual work stream, but also sets the wider CSR policies and directions for Colt.

Colt Cares

PillarWork streamObjective
EnvironmentWaterEstablish water measurement and assess whether water consumption and cost is an issue for Colt
EnvironmentSustainability – InternalContinue to reduce the impact Colt has on the environment
Our Customers and SuppliersSustainability – ExternalHelp Colt's customers to reduce the impact they have on the environment
Our Customers and SuppliersSupply ChainDrive responsible supplier behaviour across all areas of Colt procurement
Our PeopleDiversityIncrease Colt's diversity to improve our performance
Our PeopleWell-beingAlign Colt to the requirements of OHSAS 18001 by the end of 2012
Our CommunityCommunityEncourage Colt people to get involved to make a difference

In 2011 we expanded the number of our CSR targets to nine, introducing a better mix of short and medium-term goals, which have continued to be the focus of our activity during 2012.

By the end of 2012, it became apparent that we were close to achieving most of our CSR objectives and some of the work stream activity has become much more established within the organisation as business as usual activity. Our future goals were set consistently for each of the four pillars that form our CSR programme. What we have achieved in 2012 and what we hope to achieve in 2013 is set out in the table below.

What we said we would doWhat we did in 2012What we will do in 2013
EnvironmentA further 3% reduction in PUE1 in 2012.3.35% reduction in PUE.A further 1.5% reduction in PUE.
Continue to drive behavioural change to ensure that our investment in video conferencing pays back by 2014.580 hours usage (74% annual increase) supporting a 5% reduction of business air flights for 0-2 night stays.Increase video conferencing usage by 50%.
A further 3% reduction in business air flights.
Convert all customers to e-Invoicing by the end of 2013.Nearly doubled volume of e-Invoices generated.Increase volume of e-Invoices by 40%.
Merge existing systems in one Colt-wide EMS and achieve re-certificationAll EMS System merged into one system. Recertification achieved until early 2016.Drive continuous improvement of our environmental impact mitigation by maintaining ISO 14001 in all our regions.
Our customers and suppliers75% of customers satisfied according to our Transactional Satisfaction Surveys (TSAT).75% of customers satisfied.Introduce a customer satisfaction benchmark measurement.
Complete CSR audit with all remaining strategic suppliers.All strategic suppliers audited.Include CSR in our supply risk management programme.
Our peopleImplement employability workshops and internships. Review pilot and make recommendations on feasibility for expanded scheme.Pilot employability workshops completed and one internship awarded.Develop a plan to focus on activities that deliver high social value for our people.
Complete alignment to OHSAS 18001 requirements.100% alignment achieved.Audit alignment to OHSAS 18001 to demonstrate compliance.
Our communityIncrease to 600 days of volunteering.400 days of volunteering recorded.Align our volunteering scheme to the Colt vision, mission, values; and increase to 600 days.