BSU at a glance

Business Services Unit (BSU)

"I am proud of the level of shared service centre integration and cost-effectiveness the BSU achieved in 2012. We continue to drive tighter integration of our shared service centres with in-country resources to deliver seamless business support: Global Business Service model which facilitates a continued focus on end-to-end service delivery, operational quality and efficiency with a continuous focus on cost."

Dr Jürgen Hernichel / Executive Vice President

Throughout 2012, the BSU has been evolving the role played by its shared service centres along the lines of a Global Business Services (GBS) model. The BSU continues to drive transition plans that optimise the cost base of the Colt Business Units in order to bring business activity costs into alignment with the revenues being generated, whilst ensuring that Colt delivers an exceptional service to its end customers.

BSU offers a range of services to support the Group and which are critical to the revenue generating Business Units (CES, CCS and DCS). Services include finance and administrative, business analytics and reporting, billing, marketing, HR and legal, sourcing & supply, corporate real estate and business process management.

Each service has an end-to-end owner responsible for ensuring quality and cost efficiency for their respective area. Each service has a set of standards and objectives to enable rigorous monitoring and to highlight performance management levels as well as to ensure high levels of customer service are maintained.

The BSU helps Colt to deliver exceptional service to its end customers through a focus on:

  1. Improving efficiencies through skills development and training, automation and location optimisation
  2. Increasing business process efficiency and quality improvement for existing services
  3. Expanding the service portfolio to enable Colt's operating model to maintain compliance, sustain service levels and support growth of operations

BSU implemented a range of activities during 2012 designed to drive cost improvements and process efficiencies and incorporate best practice systems and procedures. We seek to ensure end-to-end service ownership and responsibility so that we achieve a customer centric culture.

  • Dispersed country Credit & Collection was consolidated into Colt's Shared Service Centre in Barcelona and has improved the rate of cash collected by the business throughout 2012
  • Finance and Administration unit has streamlined cost by transitioning Record to Report tasks to Colt's Finance Shared Service Centre in India
  • To better support Colt Group and the business units we have extended the number of services offered by our legal team in India
  • To make sure we have the right people delivering excellent service for our customers across Colt, we have consolidated recruitment across Colt globally
  • To help improve the way we promote our services and capabilities externally, marketing activities have been optimised using the teams in India and Romania
  • To provide sales support for Colt's revenue generating business units, telemarketing capabilities have been implemented in Romania
  • To improve billing management in Germany, activity has been consolidated with the Colt billing system
  • To improve the quality of customer data, the Master Data Management team was established leading to improvements in handling customer contracts
  • A strengthened and improved Health & Safety regime has been defined and implemented to underpin Colt's continued compliance
  • To support enterprise customers, the Software Development team is driving the Software Control Layer delivery for Colt's cloud computing capabilities
  • To support local activities better and control the business' costs, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities tasks are now consolidated
  • All Colt Procurement & Supply activities have also been consolidated in order to integrate the management of these activities and to drive process and cost improvements

The GBS model is an integrated Shared Service Centre approach which includes the use of in-country resources, enabling the necessary support of local languages whilst also leveraging the SSCs in Barcelona, India and Romania to provide activities as efficiently as possible. Through this approach, customers and employees experience consistent and cohesive support.