ISU at a glance

Infrastructure Services Unit (ISU)

"Having successfully aligned the ISU with Colt's increased focus on our transactional business and on our solutions business, we are now focused on better leveraging the significant competitive advantage that our integrated service model brings to our customers. By integrating the value of our offshoring capabilities with our standard ITIL-based organisation and processes, along with common business and operational support systems and tools, we create a more efficient and effective integrated service model."

Mark Leonard / Executive Vice President

The foundation of our integrated and scalable technology and service platform is our high-performance network. In 2012 we continued to invest in network build so as to meet our customers' demands. Investments include: a new PoP in Iceland, providing a gateway connection to our pan European access and backbone network; a new sub-sea fibre cable linking our Dublin city network, via London, to the rest of Colt's European network; and, expansion of our European network, especially in Italy, France, Germany and Eastern Europe, including two new low latency trading routes between London-Zurich and London-Milan.

The London 2012 Games was an opportunity for Colt to speed up network traffic flow whilst making it easier to manage our customer's business critical data traffic by upgrading our IP Access and IP VPN services onto an IP Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.

Migrating customers onto more reliable and efficient technologies and platforms continued in 2012. We migrated over 3,000 customers from legacy Voice over IP (VOIP) equipment onto a new IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) platform; and we migrated over 400 customers onto a new intelligent Network (IN) platform. Both activities allowed us to reduce cost, provide greater automation and quality of service whilst increasing our ability to more easily provide them with their future unified communication requirements.

Our cloud computing capabilities bring together a differentiated service proposition for our CES customers and prospects. We have deployed cloud computing infrastructure in key European markets and with the eco-system that we have built with our strategic partners, we have created a technology agnostic platform that is scalable and tailored to meet our customers' requirements.

Everyone at Colt can now experience the reliability, speed, flexibility and freedom that Virtual Desktop (VDI) brings. Just as our cloud centric networking capability has allowed us to scale with demand and to simplify our network, our customers can also benefit from the same.

Our culture of innovation continued in 2012 as we help to realise the 'art of the possible'. In August we started to realise the benefits from the 'Femto-as-a-Service' pilot which was conducted in 2011, and in 2012 we had many exciting prototypes in pilot including testing the voice, video and collaboration features of Microsoft Lync; Face2Face, a network based video calling service for enterprises; and Enterprise Drive, which brings the dropbox-like experience to the enterprise.

Our investments in IT were focused on enriching our employees' work experience, capability and productivity. With an ever increasing focus on mobility, we consolidated our mobile contracts into one provider and improved our mobile capability by rolling out iPhones across Colt and have enabled every employee with the ability to experience the latest applications and technologies via Virtual Desktop (VDI) environment, allowing access folders and applications from anywhere at any time using their own PC, laptop or tablets.

We also reached an important milestone in the deployment of our CRM order management provisioning and integrated ordering, delivery and ticketing system. Having transitioned from the technical build stage into the business readiness and implementation stage, we are now testing the user experience. This brings us one step closer to realising the benefits that this platform will bring to the transactional business, predominantly within CCS, but also within CES, in allowing it to scale towards an automated, online, customer self service capability, enabling customers to buy more easily from us.